SP Gamemode Request

Can somebody create a gamemode for garrysmod that allows the admin to select 1-20 NPC’s, weather there placed near eachother or far apart, and select your character, name and biography information, before spawning. Then places the NPC’s randomly throughout the map, not near the spawn area, then allows you to choose 4 Sweps, “Rifle/Machine/Rocket/SMG gun” “Pistol” “Grenade” and “melee”.
The ammount of NPC’s placed varries on the ammount of players in the game. The Players move through the level killing the npc’s. if one dies he/she will have to wait until the rest of the players get to killing the final npc. If all current players die, the npc’s will be deleted and re-placed by a new, re-shuffled set of npc’s. According to the admin’s prefrences at the beggining of the game, when the players die if people who join the game late get to play instead or if the players who died that round get to merge with the late players and add together. Another prefrence the admin gets to choose at the beginning of the game is if if 1 player dies if the game “resets” (the players have to start over) or if he has to wait for everyone die.
once all npcs die they get a win point on the server and get to have better, and better weapons. Friendly fire is enabled or disabled from the prefrance menu at the beggining of the game (admin only). Q menu, of corse, is disabled.

It would be greatly appriciated is someone would make this. I will take NO credit.

And what would happens if there are no Administrators on? Seems to rely an awful lot on admin privileges.

It would save the adminstrator prefrences on the server, on a dedicated server the admin’s prefrences would stay the same until the admin returned. When the admin returns he can choose to change the prefrences or keep them the way they are. I dont know if i was clear on this but regular players get to choose there own name, model, and bio. On a regular Local Server, when the admin leaves the server closes.

cool idea, good basis, I would suggest you make it 1000 lines of code MAX probably 500. If of coarse you use default ents

You could even use gm_construct as the map.

Gm_construct was not quite what I had in mind, I was thinking of more of map with corridors, or a haunted house maybe… but I’ll consider it.

The ‘Randomly throughout the map’ part would be the hardest. Actually, you could just spawn them at nodes, so no, it would be fuck easy. Keep throwing ideas at us and someone will do it. I’m not going to commit myself though, sorry.

I suppose it could make a decent gamemode, although I’m not sure it would ever be popular enough to be a major success. Could be a good project for a beginner, though.

This strikes you as easy? The Menus, unlockables, etc.

Menus/unlocks are easy. You just need to learn usrmsgs and saving data in a txt or mssql witch ever you prefer

well then why is it so hard to get someone to make me this “real quick”.

Because there’s more to it than that, and if you want it to look decent and play decently it takes time.

Erm would be nice if you shared more information in a better layout as well because to me it sounds like something i could do in sandbox if i was bored…