Space Battleship Yamato/ Star Blazers Argo

I know it’s a bit much to ask for, but is anyone willing to make this ship as a prop, maybe with ragdolled turrets?

I can supply more ref if someone takes up this job.

Holy Jesus.
I think I died and went to nostalgia heaven.
Thank you so much for this reminder into my early childhood, I really needed this this weekend.

You’re perfectly welcome. :smiley: I love this series too.

My dad loved this series… he’s the only reason I knew this existed, otherwise the whole anime-phobic town I live in would have burned the thought of its existence out of the state.

Hell, theres a lack of ship models in general.

Havent seen this, but i support it, it does look cool.

Yeah, my town is anime-phobic too, and I hate that. Some people think they’re better just because they don’t watch anime. I’m sick of this anyway.

BTW my dad showed me this series too :smiley:

Thanks for your support :smiley: Maybe we can get this through. It would be great to have non- Star Wars/Star Trek ships for a change

Actually I noticed that myself the other day when I Dl’d the hammerhead thing from M.E.2 and shrunk the funny lookin’ bits and noticed it looked like a ship with a cannon one it.

I’m sure this has been requested before (like around when i first joined here), and for some reason I seem to think they linked an insanely high poly model of it, but I couldn’t do anything with it because I didn’t know how to port back then (damn its annoying I can’t remember things propperly), if anyone else can remember or can tell me i’m wrong please do.

I’ve found a low-res model on renderosity in the free stuff section…

I couldn’t download it, but if anyone takes up this job I’ll ask the author to provide the model

Scratch that, I’ve found another model. It’s in .ma format and it’s 14 MB in size and it has 26k polys (omg)
here’s the link:

Or maybe this one in .3ds format;114523#Download
not sure if it’s big enough though

It can always be scaled up?

I don’t know I’m not a modeler, but maybe you’re right

Anyone up to this?

I’m reviving this.
Is someone willing to do this now?