space build 3 help please

i want to play a spacebuild game because ive seen a lot of vids on it and its really god from what ive seen so i downloaded everything i need life support 3(core and entities) resource distributer 3 CAF and put everything into my addons folder, ive also put the spacebuild 3 game mode in the game modes folder but when i play the game nothing happens when i go out into space (ive also tried this on a couple of sb maps) and ive also made sure im playing on the game mode called SpaceBuild3

the main problems

  • i cant spawn any spacebuild props such as small bridge ect
    -when i got into space nothing happens but if i go into water my oxgen start to go down

ive look around on the forums for about 2 hours now looking at people with similar problems and have so far found nothing

help would be appreciated, thatnks

Edit: managed to fix the problem with the resources needed in space but cant get any of the spacebuild props to spawn in any game mode at all not just spacebuild

did you download the Spacebuild Model Pack?

I’m not sure about this, but I think that Spacebuild3 comes with a spawn list for all the props from the Model Pack.

If you didn’t download the models, and try using a spawn list of them, the game won’t know what to spawn, and therefore won’t

How did you fix the space problem? i also have problems with space having air an stuff, and gravity.

i was starting to think this earlier im going to try it now


to fix the space problem i uninstall garrys mod but i copied the stuff in my addons folder except from space build i just let that be deleted then i installed it again and followed sanakes SVN list carefully because i missed one thing out but that was due to clumbsyness

Make sure you’ve got the latest version of the SVN, output it into your addons folder, run an SB map, noclip into space. Profit.

Do you have the link to that list, cause i can’t find it :confused:

here you go this is the install ation guide follow it carfully cus i was clumbsy and missed the main part


if youve read ive fixed this problem and its not really profit seeing as i start to die lol


also i dont suppose if anybody knows whether there supposed to be no gravity when i go into space where as i just fall down when i die