not working completely :\

ok i love space build and i host it allot for me and my friends. i use

gamemode - spacebuild2

and basicly every addon for life support !2!
moved all the LS2 stuff to another folder
i wanted to try LS3 so i got every thing needed for LS3 and…
lua errors everywhere when i spawn something :<

this has happened in the past aswell
when u spawn something like… a generator or something it just spamms that in the console lua index errors here and there

im on LS2 again but i’d like to ask…why? why all the errors , did i do something wrong?

This isn’t really enough information to go on. We don’t know what you think ‘every thing needed for LS3 is’, nor can we tell you what you did wrong if you don’t tell us, in more detail, what you did in the first place.

Here are a few ideas anyway: Did you acquire the spacebuild3 addon, not gamemode? Do you have both LS3 Core and LS3 Entities? Have you installed the Custom Addon Framework? (although I’m not sure that’s entirely necessary) And are you using the SVN’s for those addons or some obsolete download off of

The SVNs and useful information are located here:

Edit: Okay, you posted this in the ‘’ section so I imagine you’re using a straight download. If you are, use the ones from instead. They are updated every few hours from the SVN.

yes i have all of those and yes i am using SVN sorry

i used the SVN AUTO UPDATER to get the files if someone has it they will know what i mean
i got all the files mentioned there for LS3

ADDON -------------------------- WHY?!?

SB3 the GameMode itself but in addon format.

LS3 C0RE!------------------^REQUIRED
LS3 Entities-----------------^REQUIRED

and some custom ones in the same download area

Mining addon-------------------------------Custom , Downloaded anyway
Resource Transit System------------------Custom , Downloaded anyway
Gas systems------------------------------- -Same as above
Petrol Systems------------------------------Same as above

black hole------------------------------------allready Owned

Life Cube 2---------------------------------in Zip format so it was not actually installed

SB model pack-----------------------------allready Owned

p.s thanx for link i was looking for it ^.^ | : )

Err, well I am a bit confused as to what you’re saying about the SB3 gamemode. The Spacebuild 3 gamemode is completely redundant- the entirety of SB is now contained within the addon, not the gamemode, which now only checks to see if you have the addon installed. Make sure you’re putting the SB3 addon in addons and the gamemode in gamemodes. Or you can just get by without the gamemode entirely.


well i was running all the LS3 stuff with the SB2 gamemode would that do something?..bad?

I think that would just make Spacebuild not work.

Yes. That would probably be very bad.

Although, I still don’t see why this would cause errors when spawning LS and RD stuff. They should be fine even without a working Spacebuild. If whatever you’re doing now doesn’t work, try uninstalling all the SB stuff you have and just run LS and RD on a sandbox map, and see if they work (which they should). That’ll let us know whether it’s SB or something in LS and RD that’s causing your problems.

ooh kai… thats problably it…

ok well sorry but im really bizzy at the moment so i will install SB3 later and then i will see if its any better : )