Space build 3 servers making me download

i downloaded every thing from this site:

but whenever i join a server it makes me download a bunch. I followed the tutorial as it said and it works on single player.

Whats wrong? Is this normal?

Did you use ?

What is that for? Is it Space build props?

Also, when i joined a server I couldn’t see my props for spacebuild. Everything was errors!


I see what you mean now, its all in that site. No I did not use that site and i think i should of. I used the one I showed at the first post.

SBEP - Spacebuild Enhancement Project.
It contains all the ship props.

So i just copy “” to my svn checkout? But what do i save the folder as?

Do a checkout. When done, cut the folders out and into addons.

What i mean is what do i name the folder where this one goes in “

You checkout to trunk. The other folders are already named.

Checkout to “SBEP”

Shit i was downloading them individually. Good i only had one downloaded. Thanks for the help.

You’re welcome. It may have kept me up too long though. 11:45pm.

Haha. I am sorry about that. It is 4:45pm where i am.