Space build addon

Hello, new to the forum. Have been playing GMod for some years now however, GMod 13 has thrown me a little. One of my favourite addons, Space Build (the props mainly) will not work. I have reinstalled the latest spacebuild pack (as far as I know) in the garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder. Can anyone give me some help? I have searched the internet to find nothing (at leas that solves my problem). I have downloaded the spacebuild from the workshop, but it only gives me a few props (like 40) and the environment/life support stuff. Thanks.

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Somone must know how to sort this :o Use these. As far as I know Spacebuild isn’t available on workshop.

Nope, space build is not available on workshop, thanks for these, but I dont know how to make them work - is it just download the zip of them and extract into addons folder?

Right, so I got some of the Spacebuild to work, although my favorite part, the medbridge (big stuff for big space ships) does not appear in the game. It appears on the left as a file name on GMOD under addons on the left of the spawn menu but I cannot actually find these props! How do I fix this, again I find it hard to believe that no one knows how to as there are many models available in the workshop that have been made using these props!