space build model pack help

Hi i got some problems with my spacebuild model pack its version alpha 2 i got all i need i think but its still just errors i got those svns CAF, RD3, LS3 core, LS3 entities, SB3 addon, MD, GS2, PS, and BHC and i go the gamemode spacebuild3 of course but its still just errors please help me.

  1. You might want to post this in the SBEP Thread, we just opened a new one up so the Devs would see your post faster.
  2. Need a little more information on your problem, we’ve been having several reports of a broken SVN, but those are from people who’ve JUST downloaded it. All of our ‘regulars’ haven’t had any trouble with it.

Tips and Tricks:
[ul][li]Make sure the you have SBEP/SBMP(SVN folder) installed in your addons, a lot of people will tell you to export, don’t. We get a lot more problems when you do.
[/li][li]Restart Gmod.
[/li][li]Restart Steam.
[/li][li]Restart your computer.
[/li][li]Recache your SBEP/SBMP Spawnlist. In order to do this, go into your ‘Settings’ folder and click on ‘Spawnlists’, after you’re inside the Spawnlists folder delete all of the files relating to SBMP, SBEP, MedBridge, SmallBridge, etc.
[/li][li]Reinstall SBEP
[/li][li]Make sure you’re using the SVN, not just some crap file downloaded off of
[/li][li]Delete all of your other addons/make another folder and download only one addon at a time, making sure that none of them are conflicting.
[/li][*]Be happy and praise it more?[/ul]

when i got the sbmp off it said i can run it straight away (after downloading and ect…) i run gmod and when i go through the spawnlist all the pics are a big red error and i cant spawn any of the parts!!! at all :frowning:

The version is months old and sucks balls.
Use this tutorial:
to get SVN.

There’s your first problem. Don’t worry though, I did the same thing with both PHX and SBMP when I started off. I have Dirvan to thank personally though for saving my ass. Thank you Dirvan.

SBEP thread link (for future updates, releases, and support):

Technopath’s SVN List (incase you wanted some other well-made addons, such as Avon’s Stargate Pack and PHX):