space build modle problems

Hi llama here

Every time i spawn a space build prop (small corrie door for instance) my welds are very week and stretch (using smart weld only makes one weld even with settings really high. I cant fly my contraptions because i am ultra heavy, all my things tip up and won’t lift, i end up falling through my week welds and my ships turn up. (even with loads of hover balls with power at 99999999999). Also my physics go funny props move a little then stop and won’t move till they’ve floated slowly down to the ground. I don’t know what to do. i think my space build might be corrupt or some thing. Could some one provide my with a non svn link to sb3 so i can re-download it. (svn caused my computer to completely die last time so I’m not taking any chances.)

All intersting svn databases are dumped here in to zip/tar every 4 hours

Good Luck, The thing you are looking for is SBMP

BTW: I also dont sugest using tortoiseSVN you can use a more simple light wight client (Or use command line like me) For the rest svn can do nothing bad to your computer

I’d highly doubt that.
If you can’t run SVN, it is a wonder you can launch an internet browser.
More likely you used a 64 on a 32bit OS or vise-versa.

I’ve added you to steam.
Add me, and I will help in real-time.

when i try download it from glua it says i need a user name and password. I’ve tried anonsvn and anonsvn but it doesn’t work


Note he message on the frontpage: Hi there. Some of the GLua mirrors dropped off the face of the earth. Sorry. Any further issues should be directed to

It only does it sometime try more then once or try the tar instead of zip