Space Build - STRP Servers | Mining | Optional RP | Not DarkRP


Hello Pilot & Welcome to SpaceTownRP.
Where Role Play is optional, but fun is not!

This Is SpaceBuild with optional RP - This is not a DarkRP game


  • #1 - Dragon - IP: - 32 slots
  • #2 - Whale - IP: - 32slots

All servers run SCRDS x64 and have Fast Download

We have a discord join us!
STRP Discord Server


  • Wiremod
  • Multi-Parent
  • Nadmod PP
  • Sprops
  • Optiweld
  • Precision Tool
  • Advanced Dupe 2
  • Smart snap
  • Expression 3
  • Space Build & SBEP Addons

Before You Join
I would recommend you go install the workshop addons so you don’t need them on Fast download.
Work Shop Collection

This is a mining based game mode, this means you build ships to mine and refine resources that you then sell to get credits so you can buy better stuff. We currently have 6 resources you will need to gather and sell.

  • Jernmalm
  • Tritanium
  • Ice
  • Tiberium
  • Terra Crystal
  • Vespian

Each resource on that list has its own mechanics to make sure you are always being challenged, the exception to this is refining.

This game mode includes a full skill system with skill tree, you will need to train skills to improve the efficiency and stats of your equipment.

When your wallet is exploding and you’ve nothing to spend it on, how about dumping it all into the corporate account. The more credits you sink the better your place on the score board.

Ship Cores
STRP has its own combat system that we currently do not use. This comes in the way of our custom Ship Cores. These devices are required on most ships to be able to use most equipment. Ship Cores provide a CPU allowance that will be eaten by equipment you link to them. You can use the STRP Core Linker tool in the CAF tool tab to link equipment to your ship core.

Road Map
We currently have big plans for future changes and new mechanics. If these server get populated we will continue to develop and refine the game mode. We also have the capacity to add more servers if we ever need to.


  • Oskar94
  • Divran
  • Hax
  • MarcusWithSpots

Screen Shots


Sounds interesting, might check it out later.
Also, you can put the ips under one line code block like this:


Thank you, I have updated the post.

Hey that’s my boy!

I think I’ll check this server out, didn’t realize SpaceBuild was still up and running.
Also cool IP, never seen one like that before.

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I hopped on for a while, unfortunately no one else joined. I just struggled with the early game and getting off the ground a bit but I love the idea of this server otherwise