Space Hulk Gamemode

I was wondering if someone could make a gamemode based off of the old Space hulk games, which, if you didn’t know, where when the player was a super soldier with a bunch of other ones, and they had to fight these aliens (similar to fast zombies or antlions) in things called space hulks, basically big space stations floating around in… space.

So this gamemode would either have two teams, the aliens and the super soldiers, or one team, and the other would be made up of NPCs.
This would kind of be like zombie survival, but the survivors main objective in every map would varry, and would require constant movement, to keep the game flowing.

Once a member of the super soldiers team is killed, they would either have to spectate, respawn as an alien, or in rare cases, respawn as a super soldiers.

Super soldiers would be armed with energy assissted melee weapons (PAMW), full auto, highpowered SMG’s, miniguns, and chainsaw swords. Dual wielding melee and ranged weapons is preferable. This would be nice as a class-based gamemode, with super soldier classes ranging from gunnery support (minigun, PAMW) to close quarters expert (SMG, multiple PAMWs).

Alien weapons would include several forms of deadly limbs (tentacle hands, claws, large talons, etc), and ranged weapons (if there are any) would be venom guns and/or spine rifles. All alien weapons would be biologically engineered, and these aliens do not use anything but biological gruel to make their equipment BTW. Alien classes would range from commando (if there are mini maps, would not show up, powerful melee weapons, shadowy apearance, slightly/mostly transparent model, teleportation abilities) to swarmer (extra fast, choice of powerful melee or light melee and ranged weapon).

Obejectives on maps would range from survival or destroying an object, to recovering an object or exterminating alien respawn points (which would be piles of biomass or holes in walls/floors/roofs).

And BTW this is all meant to be set into a futuristic, gothic period, so Hulks would be abound with little scrawled prayers and ‘Aquila’ marks. Any information I have not covered I suggest you search up on the Internet.

Thanks for your time for reading all of the above, and hopefully one of you can cook something like this up, or myabe use this as a base for another gamemode.