Space Jockey/Engineer model (Alien, Prometheus)

(Warning, possible spoilers for those who haven’t seen the film yet)
In the film Prometheus we finally see the Space Jockies/Engineers from the original Alien film. I watched it last night and was thinking how good it would be to have a model of it in GMod, and so that’s what I’m requesting today. A few things about him:

*- As the Engineer is bald, it could be possible to just reskin the bald C17 Civilian (forgot his name) with Engineer textures. This would be quicker than making a full model of it, and would have the benefit of already-existing faceposing, although the eyes might need to be redone (they’re pitch-black in the film)

  • The Engineer is also taller than a normal human. I don’t know if it’s possible to rescale civvies up to that sort of height and retain a proper skeleton, ragdoll etc., but if it is, it should be done.

  • The Engineer can also wear the famous, elephantine Space Jockey helmet. This could be done as either a seperate prop or a bodygroup.*

Some reference pictures; first, main body, without helmet and showing the face (the giant stone head is sculpted in his image):

With helmet:

A rough size comparison: