Space map not working right help plz

hey been playing G mod for long time…so I stopped playing g mod for like 2 years due to computer failing to run so I got new computer and seen lot of latest update so I reinstall everything and put in right folder for addon but the LIFE SUPPORT works great but the problem is the MAP the space maps once I go out into space and not killing me with no air and no gravity at all so I disable no clip and I fall down in space …

I did tested 17 space maps. showing same problem anyone know why ?

thanks for help


I mean has gravity in space should be no gravity in space… anyone ? plz

forgot to add there no “spacebuild” or “life support” game mode in game menu … only sandbox and other thing…

umm ?

Then, download spacebuild, I guess?

Did download lifesupport shit RD3 etc works good but except map spacebuild should be working it worked before but now isnt

thing is missing in gamemode no spacebuild there only sandbox and other thing.

Did you get everything from Get it from SVN or if you are an idiot get it from

ok I just got it working the gravity works in space (no gravity in space like supposed to be ) but why it didnt drain my air and kill me ?

I never use SVN hate those thing. got it thu everything I download from

SVN’ing all the big things is the way to go if you wanna run a good server.

Or just have a good overall experience.

Anyway, I think you downloaded the SBEP (entities and models) pack, and not the Spacebuild gamemode itself.