Space marine bolter (with v_models)

Model taken from

The base of the lua used in this swep is taken from furbz’ ‘antitankrifle’. I have heavily modified it though.


Model - WASPY
Lua - furbz / Asmaedus

An old video (new version does not have blue line)

Download: upload didn’t work, said it wasn’t a zip file o.O

Can you link to cheesylards script?

Good work

My bad, it is not cheesylard, it is furbz. I got them mixed up. Fixing op. Anyway, here is the swep i based the code off

So you increased the clipsize, made it automatic and changed the model?

and removed the scope and the recoil, changed the firing sound. More or less the only thing left over from the anti tank rifle is the explosive bullets effect.

which isn’t hard at all…

It’s a start…

Since when did bolter rounds explode :|?

When have they not?

The firing sound should sound like a bolter as well.

The explosions are not that big though.

Great. You downloaded a SWEP and changed the model!
I mean, thats really challenging!

Come down from your elitism, atleast HE did something so go make a better bolter without using a base,
but what will be better?


does the world model work right??

I have tried extracting the bolter fire sounds from Dawn of War 2, but they are in a wierd format that doesn’t convert well (converts at 50% volume, with sound clicks etc)


No, but the model files are there if you know how to get them working.

A Film reviewer doesnt make films, but he can still review the ones other people made.
Im just telling my honest opinion. Its the only way they’ll learn.

Yes but this not a Film but an addition to a game. It was NOT made to suit your little expectations, but to make something he thinks is cool, of course you can make better things than a bolter, but what if everybody thinks that way, there will never be one.

He could’ve practiced more before releasing and made a better bolter.

He could have done something which wasn’t a copypaste and a change in about 8 variables.