Space Marine making last stand

His arm is missing, you can’t see it because it’s black against the background

Not a big fan of the bullet in the background and smoke.
I do like the sparks.


My comments is…


Love the sparks.

And about that big bullet i agree with upper gentleman.

Oh, and muzzle isn’t emitting light. Nothing there is emitting light :i

The flying bullet doesn’t look very realistic.
The sparks and muzzleflash would look really good if you’d put some in-game lights at their positions.

His leg posing looks a bit strange, though I have never been a fan of that kind posing.

Finally! By the title I was expecting something completely different.

Then I saw the thread starter’s name and was like “YES!”.

Agreed with Juraj though.

Did you rip that bolt pistol model from Dawn of War 2?

Contrast makes the picture a tad too dark, but overall this is good stuff.

Where did you get that model?

They’re private, only chance you’ll ever get on obtaining them is learning how to rig and port.

Now this is the Space Marine that I know.

That’s pretty damn nice, but perhaps shrinking that bullet, a less visible trail and perhaps adding a few more bullets would make it even better.