Space Marine pinned by Predalien


if you saw something sexual then you were looking for it.
its like a Rorschach image, if you saw a dick then your head was already filled with them 

what should be improved?

I saw something sexual.

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And am proud of it.

I saw a rabbit .
A sexual rabbit .


You’re accusing us of having a dirty mind from seeing something sexual in this, yet you posted it in the sexpose group.

No no no Preddy

That’s Facehugger’s job and you’re on the wrong end of the prey

By giving it context I set what the theme of the picture is. I gave a lot of context when I posted it in the Sex Pose group, and barely any context here meaning that it is up to your base thought to determine what you are looking at. You may have seen the picture first in the sex pose group but that means you were looking for sexual material before you even saw this.

in other words.



… that was Weird

They’re cumming through the damn armor!
Game over man, game over.

no lol

it was meant to be pretty erotic, therefore it is pretty erotic

i don’t say this often but you are wrong

The design may incorporate things which are seen as erotic but the end result is what the viewer interprets it as

I don’t think the mouth goo is slimy enough.

Any tips that I can take into account for next time?

i dont actually remember how I got the current saliva effect either.

Just make it more shiny, wet looking. White spots to dignify light reflecting should do it.

Gentlemen…BEHOLD!! Wait? What the fuck is going on here? They DO cum at night mostly.

Acid cum.

I read all your posts in the voice.

Now somebody post that “Squad Broken” over here.

Anyone else get that Pre-rape feeling?

That Space Marine is not one of the 40k universe.
Otherwise that predalien would have a Bolter round in its eye by now.

Oh that looks kinky