Space Marine Shooting down a hillside



Such a shame the model’s textures are so low res. Well aside from that it looks pretty nice. :slight_smile:

Muzzleflash is cool.

John was a spacemarine for 20 years now…

lol, nice job. Smoke looks kinda off though, it doesn’t look like ‘smoke’.

Is this a super-auto shotgun or what?

.75 Boltgun if I remember correctly. Fires explosive rounds or something.

Oh: Boom, baby, boom!

The muzzleflash is awesome!

Awww I’m always dreaming about the day someone makes High Res Space marines…

Especially Black Templars :frowning:

Nice muzzleflash, pose and ofc… SPACE MARINES ATTACK!

The shell casing is not fitting…
a bolter’s shell casing should be 10 times bigger IMO

wait nvm my screen was too dark

We need Black Templar Sword Brethren…