Space Marines in battle (now with real editing)

I saved the scene before posting the first pic, so it was easy to take a pic without the post processing.

Also fixed the colour on the Bolters. If someone doesn’t like the colour tone, I can still change it.

Original, just to compare.

It’s much better now. Not amazing but it’s better.
Personally I’m not a fan of the red bolters and bright yellow gear, the more recent Ultramarines style looks cooler in my opinion.

Haven’t seen that more recent style yet, gotta check it out…

It’s kinda the same, only the shoulder pad rims are gold rather than yellow and the bolters are just black/silver. Looks more gritty and realistic to me.

I was trying to edit the shoulder pad rims to make them look golden, but apparently the result was too yellow. Baww.

Mutch mutch better now, altho a little dof wouldn’t hurt :v:

Looks so much better with editing

Nice use of models, editing is awesome.

Editing = Awesome.
Posing = Awesome.
Red bolters = Not so awesome.

Much better, good sir.

Where do you get these models man? I’ve looked for 40k stuff everywhere.

Is it just a 40K screenshot or are they really ragdolls?


wered u get dow 2 models




Ok, for anyone who doesn’t know yet: These are DAWN OF WAR 1 Space Marines, not DOW II. I have only reskinned them to look like Ultramarines. The backpacks are separate models I hacked off the Veteran Marine, and the heads were deflated with Inflator Tool. And yes, this is a GMod screenshot. Bolter came with Larry’s pack.

love the editing wherd u get the bolters ther sexy

Very cool… nice work Joazzz and thanks for the info about the landraider and stuff