Space Marines purging GM_Construct

In the name of The Admin: Finish this!

Boredom. Also, you might be able to recognize the postures of the Marines on far left and right. And the whole idea, actually.

I like it, alot. Gave you artsy

Fuckin’ heretics. They got what was coming to them.

Haha awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats really awesome

The airport level in Call of Duty?

Your source of inspiration??(Dawn of war:dark crusade intro)

the first one look very similar to the guy on the left in your picture…

Yep, that’s it.

yay!! It’s THE best dawn of war expansion pack, I think, i mean in soulstorm they mad tau shit… everything took twice as long to build, and did much less damage…whihc is why i don’t play it!!!

Plus the Sisters of Battle and Dark Eldar are pussys.

Ooooo Holy powers, Ooooo consume souls…
Just grab a bolter and kill some heretics already, jeez.

…Oh yeah, the pic, tis goood! :smiley:

I like Dark Crusade just because of those merciless and brainless killing machines.

Agreed. The only Eldar unit I found good was Avatar. Others were cannon fodder.

can’t see the picture


I have to disagree with you, I think that the Necrons are WAAY too slow starting…

I mean the firewarriors make exelent mass soldier, I’ve managed oh so many times to clear a 8 way map with only firewarriors…

anyway… Nice picture…

Amazing work as usual.

Yeah, but when you have a nice reserve of energy resources built up, you can get quick access to every unit very fast. Plus they are Terminator-y, which is the main reason why I like them.

suppose but their tech tree is very slow and you have very little chance of survival if you have you base attacked, the turrets don’t do shit, and if you loose the monolith your fucked…

Orkz orkz orkz orkz

Metal boyz! RUSH EM!!!


Gun them down before they close to melee!!!

No necrons have strong early game strength.
Mid game is when you get boned unless you spam immortals and warriors
but if you get the relic that gives you invisibility you can have a badass invisible monolith.
then you can rape late game.