Space Marines Vs Terra Marines (Post-Apocalypse Ambient)

1 hours and 30 minutes for Posing adding Props etc… sorry for the Alisiasing ,the Anti-Alisaing was in X2 :frown:


THe posing is awesome on the Blood Ravens, pleaaaase don’t you use that high of contrast. It looks a bit empty, if you want post-apocolyptic then you need alot more atmosphere and props.

It took you 1 hour and 30 minutes to pose 4 ragdolls and place a few props?

Nice posing, though it’s a bit…bright. Maybe it’s just me…

it’s hard and i wanted a perfect screenshot (removing ragdoll, adding an other one…)

everything is bright and white except the smoke…looks pretty weird

The filter, I assume it’s a filter, kinda makes the whole thing look weird.