SPACE (Old screenshots that I never made a thread for)

From the space RP thing from a while back. I was really into it, then got shafted by work and real life. BUT these are the pictures I made for it while I was active.

You really capture the lighting and atmosphere very well in all of these screenies. I especially like the editing in the second one.

Great job, Brim!



R.I.P. Interstellar Wars.
Great pics.

Really unique work, I loved them when you posted them then, I still love them now. I might be a little biased, but they’re still really awesome either way.

Waaaait a second, this is garry’s mod?

I’ve been visiting Interstellar Wars just to see your works. :v:


Yep! I’ve never posed with anything else.

It needs to be brought back. :cry:

Only with Viper’s lead. Otherwise - no.

Actually, no in general.
It lived its short, but colorful life.