Space Patrol - Generic screenshot of some spaceships




Yes, I used that planet in one of my other edits. It’s one of the best I’ve made, I can’t replicate it :saddowns:


Oh shit awesome, and nice use of the blurr.

Quite good.

Thanks guys, trying to avoid posing generic army/CoD pictures. We quite have enough of them already.

pretty cool

That there’s some fine work mister.

I’m trying to find a space map but they all seem to be clusterfucked with planets. Did you just stick up props in black areas of any map?

I see what you were going for but it’s a little overly dark perhaps. Nice picture anyways. I like the planet.

It doesn’t look relatively dark to me, though it may be my/your screen. Space isn’t really full o’ light you know.


GM_Construct’s black/white room + isolation.

Yeah but… it’s a picture. And the sun is pretty damn bright anyways. Actually it’s brighter out in the space of our Solar System than it is on Earth.

Yeah, true. Thanks for the advice.