Space Port [various Aliens and Humans waiting to get send through a portal]


location without props/ragdolls added:

I tried to edit it myself, but it’s far from perfect. feel free to edit if you want, I’d really appreciate it.

C&C please :slight_smile:

Wow that looks awsome

Wow, that map’s floor reflects? That just makes it all the more awesome!

Looks… Interesting. Did you blur the edges of some of the things in that shot?

Where can I get the map?

yep, after I’ve seen this, I had to use this map for something


Great work.

Haha, nice.

Heh, just noticed G-Man…

Looks epic dude

no more comments? anything to imrove?

i enjoyed this thoroughly

reason why its reflecting cause theres a sheet of water under the floor…the floor is transperent

Aw, you used my Zardy :3

Kudos for good picture! Who is the hooded fellow in front of Zardy?

thanks, it’s a ragdoll from Dark Messiah: Might and Magic

Thats epic!,the maps refections on the floor is awesome :3:

Wow you definitely turned it into a busy looking place! Cool looking wall statue too.