Space roleplay map?

I’m looking for a good map that is based in space, also made for roleplay gamemodes. I don’t know any that would fit these requirements but I figured you guys might.

There’s a requests section for a reason.

I’m not looking for somebody to make me a map.

It’s still a request, you’re requesting somebody to find you a map.

There are no such space rp maps please take this to the requests section.


nvm, Apparently its functions have broken down with updates over the years

You can look around there for a download link, but it may just be a private map… not sure but will ask tomorrow.

Easy fix!

rip map
fix the fubar stuff
give credits where due.

Yeah, because de-compiling a map is always the best thing to do.

better way:

decompile map.
look at how its done.
recreate map from scratch.

Better way, don’t copy someone else’s map and think of your own ideas (god forbid)


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actually, I was thinking of rp_space_b4b

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cool map bro