Space Ship Exterior and Interior Design

This is my stupid space ship, Zcordoba I made in a hour. My sister is an artist, and she drew me up a sketch, and I poorly remade it, in Hammer.

For now heres a sample.

I know it’s all crap, still working on it.

What I’m aiming for

Note, try not to take my material seriously, I did lazy sketchups in Hammer, just for future reference.

you’re aware that stars cannot move like that, right? for the most part they are stationery. even in sci-fi movies.

also, try to record in-game stuff with source recorder. or at least stuff you know will make you lag.

I am aware that stars don’t move like the way I made them. I have tested it out and the map seems rather depressing and has a slow paced feeling. Also this is kind of old material.

So the video is 2 minutes of you showing us content that won’t be in the final version.

so you want someone to make a spaceship for you or do you want spaceship reference pictures and textures?

I said “I need textures that would go good with a space ship interior. I would also appreciate photos of ships.”

Facepunch users are so durp.

If you need inspiration, you could look at the concept art for Star Wars The Old Republic. I did and made these:

This would seem like it’s a Dead Space map, I LOVE it!
If only someone released Dead Space weapons and playermodels…
So, as the diagram/map of the ship explained the places that will be explorable, are you planning to add any other parts to it?
Like, a engine room.
And possibly two forms of the map: Survival and Objective, and the objective being a later project, such as, you must turn on the deactivated engines, go to the power core room and reactivate main central power to the bridge, and grab the bridge key from the Captain’s Quarters, which the captain’s dead body is at, and then go to the bridge and activate all escape pod systems, lastly, you go to the escape pods to escape the ship.
And make ammo scarace in Objective!
Although that can be your later project when you finish.

Why the fuck does every single word in that bad trailer have a Z infront :geno:

z for zombie :v:

Well damn, that’z zwell izn’t it?

Here’s some of my reference material.

well you kind of put off the wrong idea when you go “i poorly remade it in hammer”, and then go on to show the ship in that video, which won’t be used. Not to mention that you say “it will look similar to this, but this is not <ship name with z> at all” but to be frank, it looks nothing at all (like not even close) to What you’re aiming for

I plan to do a whole lot. Thanks for showing some intrest though! I’ll start updating my website, about Zcordoba, when it gets started.

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Z is my identification for the Zwonder series.