Space Ship Models

I Need Space ship models, preferably ones similar to the game EVE, in that matter, you don’t need to make the same ships, just ones like it. Would be MUCH appreciative, I’m working on a gamemode that is in dire need of new models. please and thanks.

  • raven

Use search next time, there are already a number of starship models available on

you didn’t look very hard did you?

not full size btw… the smallest ship in the game is bigger than anything gmod can handle

There’s a svn for that ya know. I don’t have it on this computer so I have to find it.

Ive got that, but for my gamemode, it would be nice to have alot of ships for people to choose from.

Again, search for space ships, there’s like dozens of packs with hundreds different starships.

Lankists EVE pack (which VGcats linked to) has over 50 alone.
This one has even more
And still more

Seriously, all I did was go to and typed ‘ships’ and I found a shitload of packs. Learn to search!