Space/Starship Based Gameplay

I know that Spacebuild exists and I used to play it quite a bit, but are there any other options for space based gameplay?

Namely stuff that involves building/maintaining your ship in great detail. I am extremely fascinated by this concept and a great example of someone to play as would be Isaac Clarke from the Dead Space series. No I don’t mean running around slicing Necromorphs apart, I mean his actual job before the outbreak. Systems engineer. I would LOVE to run around on a ship in Gmod having to repair and maintain a ship in various ways, especially with other people. Hell, I can see some great roleplay coming out of it as well.

I just saw a thread in the General Games Discussion called Starship Corporation and I love its idea. Stuff like that is what I’m talking about, but more on a personal level like another game in that forum, Centration.

Any ideas or recommendations?