Space Station 13

I know there’s already tons and tons of space related mods and such in Gmod. But I would like to see a gamemode created based off of a free game I love very much called Space Station 13. Here’s a link to a thread giving more info about it.

But basically it is an RP type gamemode in a space station where each player has a role to upkeep on the station whether it be atmospheric technician (responsible for keeping the atmosphere livable), security, captain, janitor, barman, chef, medical, etc… But its not just solely RP. The real gamemode has different round types since it is match based. For example, one mode is called traitor and in traitor, one or more crew members are a Syndicate agent and are given an uplink radio to provide them with useful tools to help them complete their goal. The Crew must find out who the traitor/s are and stop them from reaching their goal. The game ends when the Emergency Shuttle leaves.
Traitor objectives are usually one of the following:

  • Assassinate a specific crew member (includes the AI)
  • Steal a Jetpack, Captain’s Uniform, RCD, Laser Gun, Hand Tele, ID Card with universal access, or fully constructed bomb of at least 500 temperature
  • Kill all the Monkeys aboard the station
  • Destroy all the Plasma Canisters aboard the station
  • Be the only one on the Emergency Shuttle when it leaves
    This is just an example and all in all I would like to know if something like this could be possible in garrys mod.

Also here is a link to the wiki for further reference and info