Space Survival gamemode.

This would be something of an interesting game if it ever came to be. Space Exploration is pretty fun but it gets tiresome. Space Combat is fun but its horrendous for people who don’t know how to build. My idea is maybe mix these things in some sort of concept. Like maybe in a space station. The station has drifted to an unknown part of space and things work differently in this section of the universe. Exposure to the outside elements may make someone a zombie or some sort of creature hell bent upon the destruction of the crew. Sadly the current spacesuits only provide limited protection against the outside elements, so space walks are extremely brief or you risk infection. Now for those of you who are asking, “what happens if they hold up in an area and won’t die.” This is my answer to that. Every couple of minutes or so the station passes through an asteroid belt. The asteroids damage the ship and when it passes, players have to venture out into the harsh environment and repair the damage done to the ship. I’m sorta ranting on but let me know what you think. I’m certain I can come up with more ideas for this.