Space Survival.

I have played dead space 2 and i have got an idea. Maybe its not interesting but read this.
We have many survival mods but we dont have survival where all will be in space. So, listen.

Players will start on huge space ship and they will spawn in different places, so they have a choice - find friends or be alone. Players start with minimum equipment, so they need to find weapons, ammos and helpful stuff. There can be classes like medic, who can heal, soldier who have firing power, engineer who can build stuff etc. Monsters are powerfull, so player is need to be in safe place(not all time) or kill monsters. They will spawn every time but you cant know how and where. There can be mission for players, like kill bosses, etc. If player dies, he will spawn in different place, with minimum equipment. Also, there is space, where players can go, but they need to have oxygen and special costume (looks like in dead space). So, thats all, enjoy it.

PS: about details we can talk later, this is basic content for mod.

Instead of making the players respawn, can’t you make them turn into little space critters that run around doing stuff? Eating the survivors food maybe?

no classes just skills

how are the monsters going to look like? do you have any models?

No, but I was thinking… Evil Robots! :slight_smile:
Players could kill these and gain some resources they could use.