Space Visor

Space Visor HUD



Bloody screen effect when damage is taken
Supports any screen resolution
Improved Friendly/Enemy recognition
Scrolling Binary Effect
Command to disable the visor
Health Bar & Health percent
Primary ammo bar & Count *fixed!
Secondary ammo count
Armor percent

Credit goes to Emz for her contribution to this version! Thanks xD

My first HUD, and i think it came out pretty well :smiley:

Also, Ideas:
-What do you think i should add? this is a WIP.
-What could i improve on?
-So far, i have included almost everything people suggested, keep up the good suggestions!

Looks good, maybe add an option to on/off the HUD.

Player:GetActiveWeapon().Primary.ClipSize Will show the max ammo for the clip.

Thanks, i’ll try that when i get home today

Great. Reminds me of the Metroid Prime series.

It tells you the name of the npc? I can’t tell.

It tells you the category, like Enemy Combine, Enemy Zombie, Enemy Antlion, or just Friendly.


This did not work :frowning:
It gets the error:

hmm make sure your doing this check Player:GetActiveWeapon():IsValid() but I’m not sure if it will work on regular hl2 guns I know it works on player made sweps.

It must be that it doesn’t work on hl2 guns, because that is all that i tried it with. Because i was doing that check. I’ll try with some other weps

This made me think how sweet a Terminator-style hud would be. You know, red hud, scrolling binary everywhere, picture in picture views of practically everything…

I thought about doing this for my hud, but realised that i didnt know how lol. It would be awesome, though.

For a suggestion, why not adding a box around NPC’s that it points out, so you’ll be able to see them more accurately.

Needs an armor meter.
Edit: And one for secondary ammo.

The only problem with this is that it uses a material overlay which is only rendered once when you first start the game, so there is no real way to take it off unless you reload your game.

EDIT: I added this, but like i described above, it will only take effect when you reload your game.

EDIT:Fixed this, going to include in next version.

This will not be a problem to add.

So. I have added everything that has been suggested so far aside from this:

and a secondary ammo bar, because i have to edit the hud vmt to add a spot for one.

I do plan on adding the box around NPC’s that it points out, but have to figure out how first. That will likely be the next thing i work on. But, for now i’m going to upload V1.2


Finaly a good hud “ish” overlay thing!

I just have 1 problem
— Missing Vgui material VGUI/spacevisor/crosshair_green
— Missing Vgui material VGUI/spacevisor/crosshair_red

Which states I dont have a crosshair with it and i get a pink&black checkerbox at the crosshair when i look at somthing that is a enemy or friendly. Oh and theres a tid bit of fps lag but im kinda sure thats somthing else I have.

Ohh shit i forgot to include those, i’ll reupload the pack.

Now you forgot the tags to the garrysmod download. XD

grrr lol fixed. Should work now.

Wow! Looks amazing, great job Spiffy :slight_smile: