Space Visor

Yup 1 more thing for you is: upon death the visor dissapeared and I got this error message

Hook ‘CustomHud’ Failed: VisorHud.lua:35: attempt to call method ‘Clip1’ (a nil value)

i think this will be the last time I am going to bug you

very nice :3 make one thats a blood red color? lol

Or maybe an option to change the color?

Hmm, i’ll have to look at this later today

I just download it, and looked at it, and think that i solved this problem. gonna reupload now, but idk if it will work til i get home.

Problem, I get the file not found error from for the v1.2

I think he forgot to update the link. Just do a search for it.


*Its updated nao.

This looks pretty neat spiffy. I expect to see a gamemode now with space marines. xD

It still isn’t fixed! at least not for me!
BTW this hud is awesome,
keep up the good work!

make the hud have a change-able alpha 'cause it kinda makes a tunnel vision

sigh now i have the defualt hud
no error signs either, which would suggest you uploaded the wrong file

Yeah my quick fix i did at school didn’t really work, so I’m releasing a new version, and added some other stuff as well as fixed the error.


I noticed that the scrolling effect has a gap I assume where it re-loops?

Also if you spawn a friendly NPC which isn’t a citizen (Barney, Kleiner, etc.) it doesn’t show them up as friendly.

I love the noises it makes when you hover over a friendly/unfriendly target though, they made me laugh. The fade in for the blood effect could probably be a bit quicker almost instant (but the fade out time is just fine.)

It looks great, The blood effect looks kinda off… It looks to “Filling”. Good none the less.

Looks very awesome, however I have a small request. Could you add an optional clock?

Blood looks a bit TF2’ish
Change the blood.
add an clock.
make it 3d (like the ones in

heres a suggestion.
add a health display of your target, not a percentage unless you want to but I was thinking of a list of vital states like
Health percentage=Text next to cross hair
1-30%=Death imminate
31-50%=Organ failure
76-80%=Blood loss

I downloaded your Space Visor HUD and I don’t like it because of the tunnel vision, is there a way to remove it and get back my old HUD (the normal one)


Or Is there a website where I can download the default files and overwrite your WIP

That sounds cool

well, there are console commands to toggle the visor, and i would edit it to be able to toggle the tunnel vision, but i lost the .psd that i originally made the visor with, so i can’t really remove the tunnelvision.

Could you make an option to toggle blood splatter off?