Space/Water ship battles?

I posted a thread on another part of the forum asking if there was anything out there like this, and it doesn’t appear to be out there, so I figure why not post here. I know nothing of scripting, modeling, or barely anything gmod. I am just a man with an idea for something I think would be popular and neat. I’ll post how I described the game in the other thread, through a story. Now keep in mind the setting doesn’t have to be space, it can be on the seven seas. The main selling point though is that each ship has multiple stations and working that people run around the ship doing different things.

Several friends and I log in and buy a space vessel. On board I assign myself to navigation where I physically drive the ship about. Another bro man’s the asteroid harvesting station awaiting the ship to pull up and lodge itself into an asteroid to gain the resources so they may be sold. The last bro PHYSICALLY walks about the ship, making sure everything from the life support, to the turret station are good to go and fresh on ammo. Just as they pull up to an asteroid another ship appears, and begins firing on our “bro ship”. I stick to navigation while I order my other bros to GET UP from their stations, and PHYSICALLY run over to the turrets on the appropriate sides. After a fierce battle, several things may happen (These are the things I’d be excited about)

  1. Our ship’s shield go down and the pirates end up boarding us, and we have an intense gun to gun battle throughout the corridors of the ship battling for our very survival. Assuming we win, we then take the battle to the pirate ship and steal their resources.

  2. We destroy their ship in the battle. Two of us don spacesuits and proceed to head out to the now free drifting carcus of the ship. We proceed to steal the resources from the ship coming across the now dead bodies of the pirates freely drifting around the ship.

It is PRETTY much EvE online, but with more then one man to a ship, and each person playing a role.

As I said I dont have the slightest idea of how to set up a server or how this would work, but I want to make it more then just a “duke it out” server of ships. I want there to be trade, territorial warfare (We would come up with a script system and how people would own different planets/islands).