space within space?

i want the ability to make a wall. then, add a doorway. make an entire facility. but it takes up no space from the other side of the wall. like portals in portal. but a regular doorway you can see through likes its there but its not there on the other side. and you can go in.

is this possible in hammer?

I was just playing the “The cube” map. I think its possible, because it sure as hell was in there.

The Cube map just used fake rooms and teleporters, which I suppose could work here too.

Just set up some trickery with a teleporter, and maybe a winding hallway so you can’t see the transition.

no. i want it were i have a door frame with a door. i open the door. its like a whole other world. i can see through it. on the other side, its just a brick wall.

No can do.

I see where you’re going with this.

Well… Maybe can do. You could have two identical rooms with the door and on one room have the huge thing behind the door, and in the other have a brick wall. Then teleport the player between the rooms.

Maybe a drawing would help.

Maybe try parenting the teleport trigger to the door (if you want to do something like monsters, inc.) then use a render target?

If you want it to look as clean and have perspective like portal does, then you would most likely have to code a mod for that.

3d skybox.

Teleport and a render target seems like your best bet. So long as you don’t need more than one door viewed at once.