Spacebuid gamemode doesn't work

Here’s my problem: I’ve downloaded what I believe were all of the necessary downloads to run the Spacebuild 3 game mode, but when I get in one of the spacebuild 3 maps while the SB3 game mode is selected, there are no changes in the physical environment around me. by this, I mean when I leave the main planet, I don’t feel the effects any different than inside of the planet. This is a problem because i wanted to use life support to tackle the harsh environment. Is there some other download that I need? Is there some other settings that I need to adjust. It’s as if the game mode isn’t even running at all. Also, at my console menu, there is a long repeating phrase (“Install the Spacebuild Addon”). Please help me. I’m a poor noob that needs help. :frowning:

You need

  • Life Support 3
  • Life Support 3 Entities
  • Resource Distribution 3
  • Custom Addon Framework
  • Spacebuild 3

The Spacebuild 3 folder needs to be named “SB3” and needs to be in your gamemodes folder.

Use SVN to get them. Here’s an SVN tutorial:

Do the names of the things in the addon folder have to be specifically named? I have all of those in the right folders and all of the props and tools and maps are there, but the maps just don’t behave as if they were any different from normal maps. Normally in spacebuild, when you step off a planet, isn’t there supposed to be no gravity or air?

Only Spacebuild 3 has to be named “SB3”. I once joined an SB3 server and my gamemodes folder was named “Spacebuild 3”. I couldn’t open the Q menu or anything… they told me to change the name of my folder to “SB3” and then it worked.
I have no idea why :S

Make sure you’re playing on a Spacebuild 3 compatable map.
Gooniverse works. Try that.

Are you sure you have the SpaceBuild addon? The gamemode is now basically a sandbox gamemode, everything got moved to another SB addon. So, really, there are two SpaceBuild 3’s: the game mode, and the addon.

I have the SB3 in the game mode folder. Are you saying there is an ADDON called spacebuild 3?

Through all of the trouble I’ve been through, I’ve finally got it to work! Thanks for all your help guys!

Well the only ‘real’ SB3 atm is an ADDON now yea, the Gamemode version got replaced with a Dummy version which is basicly Sandbox, with an Addon Check in it.

so where do i get the ADDON version?!

Edit: Whoops, found it on