Spacebuild 2; Broken?

I have recently got GMOD, and downl;oaded the spacebuild 2 stuff via SVN. I put it all in, except when i spawn LS generators i get told its reading a nil value from table and stuff for all the generators [Solar panel/coolant/etc].
I have downloaded MANY SB2 packs from snakesvn and others, but they all have this same error.

It ONLY happens on singleplayer and does not happen when i join an online server. Id like to build stuff offline so i dont waste net building it.

Have done search, but am told to redownload it; which ive done. Is newest, has SVN.

What i have in addons;
Life Support, Resource Distribution, LS2blahblahblah[petrol and stuff]
SBEP, Ship Cores, etc etc.

Should the gamemode thing be called SB2 or something else?

It’s old and obsolete, get sb3 and move on.

SB2 does work, and is better than SB3 in many ways. It isn’t as bloated firstly.

agreed. FYI, you don’t need LS or SB2 to use the servers. Play online and you won’t have this problem.

I want solutions for single player, i have explained why i need it when i am not playing online.

Try asking the owner of a spacebuild2 server to give you theirs.

I host a tiny SB2 Server. This is where I got my addons from and it all works fine online and offline:

SB2 Gamemode



Don’t be comfused by the name of the zips.

Thanks man, your the best.
Anyone know any singleplayer GMOD mining addons?
[For SB2]

Or offline mining for SB3. i dont mind. ONe that works on singleplayer :stuck_out_tongue:

well the tiberium mod is pretty good, you lay a few seeds of tiberium arround on certain planets and you just wait…its pretty fun and entertaining, if you touch a peice of tiberium you have to spawn a cure or you are fucked.

harvest it before it gets too bad.

nice. Links please, my tiberium mod is broken because im a noob. Mine grows but i cant harvest it and its not deadly -_-