Spacebuild 2 download

Were can I find a download for Spacebuild 2? and can some one give me instructions on how to install and run it?

ill help i sent a pm

It would be best if you posted it here so others who are looking for this information can find it too.

are you looking for it aswell?

I agree, you should post it here for others. This way people won’t have to ask the same question over and over again…

My first question is where can I download the darned thing?

I copied all the addons/gamemodes to ansvn a while back.

But I have no idea if it all still works.

Here is the link:

If this doesn’t work properly and someone else has a working version, let me know.

now it boils down to how I install it, and get it running.

If you know how to use SVN you can just checkout the folder.
Spacebuild goes into gamemodes, all the rest is meant for addons.

If you only want the low gravity settings and so on you only need the SB gamemode.
If you want to survival part you need resource distribution and life support.

All the rest are optional and each add their own extras (extra resources, devices, weapons, mining, …)

If needed I could put up a zip or something I guess since it seems Glua is down or something.

why do I get an error message saying such and such thing is a nil value?

Could you tell me the exact error messages?