Spacebuild 2 is borked?

Hello peoples, sorry for distracting you for 10 minutes, but no matter which copy of spacebuild 2 I use, it is broken in some way or another, like the svn, it doesnt work at all, No anti-gravity, and LS2 isnt kicking on when I go into space. (Using sb_gooniverse) The one works mostly, but I have no weapons, no toolgun,physgun, or anything. Is it an installation problem, or am I just a dumbass?

Use the SVN, and you’re just being a dumbass :stuck_out_tongue:

When you make the Singleplayer game, go into Options. In the menu that says “sandbox” select “spacebuild”.

toss that with the SVN (or the one on the .org), and it will work fine.

(I’ve used that fix with SVN and the .org one, so it should work for you)