Spacebuild 2 not working

hello people, I have a problem. The Spacebuild 2 is not working for me. Even if i select it as gamemode and override, when i enter a sb map, nothing changes. I have gravity outside the planets and i can breathe. Spacebuild 3 does work, but only with Life Support 3, and i don’t like it … LS3 is bugged, and I hate those resource nodes. Is there any way to play Spacebuild using Life Support 2?

Two things I’ll need to ask you…

If you downloaded it from garrysmod.orgDON’T, stuff like LS2 and ect are designed to be SVNs… If it’s found there it’s usually spam/ uploads by 12 year olds who don’t know how to do anything properly. Like a few years ago with wiremod on mainly because people aren’t smart enough to use the svn. But it pissed a lot of people off… even me!

Other thing is LS2,SB2 are outdated… and I mean really outdated. They’re not even worth using anymore because half of the code won’t work much unless someone fixes it. I’ve attempted this to learn there was completely no point in it… but instead I decided to go with the flow. Which means: Using the SVNs and using the newest builds of this content..

But inorder to run the new SB, you need the latest version of Garry’s Mod.
Please link us your steam profile page…

So basically what I’m saying… your answer is no.

here is my steam profile:

I had downloaded them from SVN, both the LS2 and the LS3, so it seems that I have no other option than using SB3. Anyway thanks for replying