Spacebuild 2 or 3?

i havn’t been on spacebuild for a while, ive had it uninstalled. so i am wondering… should i get Sb2 or Sb3? which one is most commonly used online?

SB3 is really laggy. It requires its own high poly models to function.
SB2 on the other hand doesn’t use any special models, just the default hl2/css models.

I personally prefer SB2 because you can link it all together, instead of to a terminal.

be that as it may, which one is most popular online?

It depends on the map.

SB3 and LS3 are most populare on the gmod SB servers., speakin of which anyone know where i can find some working LS3 links?

all the other ones i use on SVN are not found, 404s. please halp.

sb3 is used more but thanks to resource distrobution 3 it crashes alot due to the unstableness of rd3