Spacebuild 2 or 3?

Wanting to do more on GMod than just sandbox, I decided I might get into Spacebuild. Unfortunately, there are many parts of spacebuild (Damn you space!! How dare you be so uninhabitable!?:argh:) to get. I guess it all comes down to: Spacebuild 2, or 3? I also heard SB3 has also been pretty much abandoned. Then where do I go from there?


Both projects appear to have stagnated.

SB3 is the more recent one, though.

But which one is more stable?

Spacebuild 2 I feel is much better. Right now, both SAS servers are full (12/12 each for a total of 24/24).

SB2 is definitely the more stable one, the less laggy one, and the simpler one.
SB3 was largely abandoned halfway through beta and contains tons of unusable and unneeded stuff that slows down your PC to a crawl unless you’ve got a rig that’s less than six months old. Also, it includes custom models for EVERYTHING, making it HUEG. The models themselves look like shit as well.

SB2 can be extended to have all the functionality of SB3, but those addons are pretty much forgotten and hard to find.
Snake, the developer of SB, says SB3 will be better than SB2 when it’s done, which seems to be never. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for Frontier and go with SB2.

I certainly don’t have one like that. :ohdear:

SB2 doesn’t work with GMod anymore.



Rated dumb. I played SB2 last night.

Makes sense, you didn’t even give reasons as to how it doesn’t work.

The only problem with SB2 is that all Sb3 maps will not work. It is like Snake was purposefully trying to stop SB2 being used by changing how the entities work.

SB3 maps? :ohdear: Which ones?
Wait, that actually makes sense, MS tried to stop XP by not supporting it anymore,making people switch to Vista. It’s also not forward compatible. Another example.

All SB3 maps are shit anyway. The only map that counts is GM_galactic, anyway.

Okay, maybe it was a one-time deal. I haven’t played GMod in almost 2 months :frowning: