Spacebuild 3 and SBEP problem

Hi I have spacebuild 3 and SBEP installed along with life support and rd under caf and whenever I go into any map including a SB one the SBEP tab is not coming up along with any other things related to spacebuild…caf comes up with ls3 and rd3 but not sb3 or SBEP. Also in entities and vehicles were stuff should be, there is nothing. In order to get the sb3 items I need to manualy search them.

I am on Garry’s mod 13 by the way and here is a legend so you don’t get confused

Ls3 - Life support 3

Rd3 - resource distribution 3

Sb3 - spacebuild 3

Caf - custom addon framework

SBEP - spacebuild expansion pack

Please help

I have the same issue with SB and SBEP. You can easily see your models if you get the Legacy Addons plugin from the Steam Workshop thing ingame, however i can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the entities and vehicles where they should be, and in fact im pretty sure there is not a way to do it yet. That’s the problem with releasing a gigantic update like this at the end of a game’s life cycle like Garry decided to do, mod creators don’t feel the necessity to update their stuff to the new format as they’ve been done with the game for years. Hopefully someone finds a way, Spacebuild is certainly a fun addon to have.