Spacebuild 3 files

I can’t find them anywhere, I need all the spacebuild 3 files. Can someone post them please.

I wouldn’t recommend installing it, it really slows down GMod loading times

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What you just said irritated me. Don’t have to be such a douche bag.


Sorry, I kinda let myself go there.
Didn’t mean to do that.

I’ll just snip it and leave here.

Seriously a whole gigabyte added to gmod so you can vroom around in spaceships.
(sarcasm)Thats completely worth it.(sarcasm)

I do agree, that is a bit much… Not a well optimized addon at all.
Only worth it if you have a big hard drive and a fast computer like I do.
<- Spoiled with a quad core 3GHz processor, 1TB HD, 8 GB of RAM and a… crappy GPU. :saddowns:

If you don’t like SpaceBuild, or you don’t care for the (separate) SBEP models, or [insert other complaint here], then simply don’t download it. Simple as that.