Spacebuild 3 Help

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to play spacebuild on single player, but I can’t create water pumps or air compressors. I know I’m doing it right, because I played on the same map online, and it worked.

I have Installed:
SB3 gamemode
Life Support 3
Life support 3 Core
Life Support 3 Entities
LS3 Gas Systems
Spacebuild 3 (addon)
SB Model pack.

Please help, thanks!

You can remove the SB3 gamemode, since it’s pretty useless, and AFAIK, there is only a LS3 core and a LS3 Entities, not a “normal” LS3 as well.

RD2 is also no longer necessary, 'cause you have RD3.

ok, thanks. But if I delete the gamemode, how will I play on single player?

it’s an addon now.

It will automatically run on any Spacebuild map

Are you sure? So I can load a standard gamemode on a spacebuild map, and my problem will be fixed?

bump. Now I have a video of the problem. Sorry it schoppy.

Remove RD2. Version 2 and 3 of spacebuild don’t work together.

you need to give it energy…

Just watched the video. And yes. Water pumps need energy…