Spacebuild 3 Issues

Hi! I’m running Spacebuild 3.0 along with all of the associated life support mods, wiremod (obv) and Carter’s Stargate Mod along with Vanilla stargate and Phoenix Storms. Nothing unusual, and on past computers this setup has worked perfectly.

I normally get on a private server running very similar mods, again, this has worked perfectly under the same conditions in the past.

Now, however, I have a few problems with Spacebuild. Several parts (The glass nose panels that attach to Smallbridge parts, for instance) are showing ERRORs. My Part Spawner shows nothing but a blank grey dialog box instead of showing parts or menus. I also cannot spawn any SBEP entities or vehicles.

System Specs:
AMD Turion II P560 Dual Core 2.5 Ghz
4 GB DDR3 ram
Onboard ATI Graphics, 512 MB
64 Bit Windows 7 Home Premium
Running under local admin account, so no issues with privileges.

I’ve attempted a reinstall of Spacebuild from SVN several times. Anyone have any ideas?