Spacebuild 3 + Life Support 3 + Etc. SVN Links NOWHERE to be found?

I’m trying to get back in to SB3 and I need everything like Spacebuild 3, LS3, Sbep, Gas, etc. and I have NO LEADS whatsoever to find the SVN Links. Does anyone know where to get them?

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Yukkerz, I cant find Life Supports Core, or CAF, or anything else. You cant play SB without all of that.

CAF is in the spacebuild svn

What about Life Support


I dont see it.

If your planning on using sb3 than everything you need is in the svn.

I’m having issues as well… a LOT of models showing up as errors… seems only the life support generators and storage items are actually working for me atm… :frowning: anyone have direct working links for the SVN’s that we need for spacebuild?


This one works I just used it. Its straight off snake’s website.

On a related topic, where the fuck are the spacebuild models located in Gmod 13? “SBEP Models” and it’s subfolders are empty and I can’t seem to find where they are in the browser.

Edit: I found a good amount of them, but I’m too lazy to move them manually like I did with the hidden PHX props. Anyone have any easy fix?

Why bring up a dead thread.