SpaceBuild 3 & Life Support 3 TUTORIAL!

1 of many new tutorials coming out.


SpaceBuild v3 ???

So many things wrong…

  1. Your map lighting is messed up. I don’t know how this happened, since it seems you have all the Ep2 textures.

  2. Newbs to life support should NOT be using fusion generators.

  3. Actually, no one in their right mind uses SB3 fusion generators. After adding up the power used by the water pump, heavy water makers, nitrogen compressors, and liquid nitrogen generators, they’re actually negatively efficient.

  4. The solar panels were Giant, not Large as your caption says. Large solar panels are barely the size of a player and make about 1/50 the energy of Giant.

  5. Climate regulators do NOT need oxygen and nitrogen to run, as your caption said. They need oxygen and energy. Only if going into a hot planet do they need a cooling agent, which can be EITHER nitrogen OR water.

  6. On your ship you were running oxygen compressors inside the radius of a climate regulator. Unless there’s some wiring I didn’t see and your climate regulator was set to a really tiny radius. Otherwise, it’s just ridiculous.

Good god I hope no one tries to run LS3 based on this.

However, the whole scene in the zombie temple (the part that had absolutely nothing to do with LS3) was kind of fun to watch.

The critique was rather harsh, to be honest. The part about fusion generators is correct, they flat out suck. However, the size of solar panels is rather irrelevant, and so is his minor fluke with nitrogen instead of oxygen.

Temperature exchangers are currently broken for cooling, and they have been for a long time. Most people don’t use them for this purpose anyways, though, so it isn’t a big deal. Climate regulators still work, though. Also, the oxygen compressor inside of climate reg was a trick in ls2, but it does not work in ls3.

And before everyone else asks “Spacebuild V3???” you can get it at

(I made sb3 tutorials too, at so I can at least have a little credibility :P)

Your tutorials are great :D. lol you stole his forum.

Is there a simple tutorial for LS3 and RD3 ?

Uh, both me and the OP posted tutorials? What are you talking about?

I watched your tutorials on youtube and I loved them.
Thanks, Morcam.