Spacebuild 3 mouseflight disabled

I’ve problems with mouseflight system in SB3 when i use enities ships.
The SB3 manual said (reload) to enble mouseflight . But i can’t press it ®

I don’t know how these works but i got some lua error that may cause
My keyboard has 3 language

Anyone who knows please advice the fix .

do you mean you cant press the BUTTON r? or it doesnt work, if thats the case then re bind it

Make sure “R” is your Reload key (Should be by default).
Make sure you’re using the latest SVN Version of SBMP. SVN Tutorial:

I download the files from this site. >> leaked of mouseflight disable.
Later i download from this.

Then that is your problem. Use the SVN Tutorial or it won’t work.

Now it’s works i’ve used SB3 SVn as you said .
Thank you.

You are a tard, is the svn. It’s a compressed version of the svn download that a friend of mine made because you people are retarded and think svn is a virus or are too stupid to know how to use it. So in that case anything that goes on our server that you people bitch about having errors for, gets compresses and added to our download page. WE DONT TAKE CREDIT FOR MAKING ANY OF IT, yet we make it easier for you and you still manage to fuck it up. We have videos, tutorials, installers, pictures and even CONSTANTLY update our installers and check them on our own clients after uploading them. Your problem that you are too stupid to read, not ours. You would’ve had it done already but instead you went and wasted all this time posting it on facepunch.


told you he is a tard.

GMOD Crashes when spawn a props…

It’ll crash when i change prop content
i can’t spawn any prop exept for browse

  ReznorT posted: Clean out your mods or reinstall gmod

but i 'll lost my addon.