Spacebuild 3 Not Working in Multiplayer

Hello. I’m new to this forum because I just recently found out that people could make accounts again. Anyways, introductions aside, on to my issue. I downloaded SpaceBuild via svn using the links provided at snakevx’s website, and for some reason when I try to host a multiplayer game (not a server mind you, just off Garry’s Mod), I get spammed with LUA errors, the spacebuild environments don’t work, and I don’t have any weapons. Additionally, the CAF menu doesn’t work. It has tabs and everything but it’s just blank. This is the LUA error:
Filename: CAF_Hooks, Message: Think3 Error: addons/spacebuild/lua/caf/addons/server/lifesupport.lua:460: attempt to index field ‘caf’ (a nil value)
I heard that this might be because in multiplayer some SB3 addons are disabled by default, but I have no way of enabling them since the CAF menu isn’t working. Any help would be appreciated.

I think spacebuild3 is out of date for gmod13. Your best bet would be to look for a new version on workshop.

I’ve already looked in the workshop for Spacebuild. Anyways I’ve seen Spacebuild 3 servers for Gmod 13 that work perfectly fine. I think you’re thinking of the old spacebuild 3 that was actually spacebuild 1.3.

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Might it have to do with the fact that I deleted Spacebuild Content? I looked in the files and it looked like it had the exact same thing as the main Spacebuild folder.

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Come on, nobody has an answer? I’m getting really sick of this.

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At least tell me how to get the CAF menu working.

Am I ever getting an answer?

I’ll look into it and try to help.
EDIT: I didn’t do much digging but I couldn’t find anything.

Thank you.

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Okay, apparently it’s not just me with the CAF menu thing. It happens to everyone, so I think CAF menu is just broken in the current version of SB3. I’m going to test this on a server once it finishes downloading the garrysmod stuff to see if it actually works.

That’s okay. I got a server up and running and actually SB3 works perfectly fine on it. So I guess it’s just hosting a multiplayer game via garrysmod and not via a server.