Spacebuild 3 not working on any space maps.

I have Spacebuild 3 SVN and it doesn’t work on maps, even ones made for Spacebuild 3. It just says that I need the Spacebuild addon in the chat box.

That makes two of us. I tried svning spacebuild 3 twice and it didn’t work either time.

I’ve been trying to help a friend turn his mobenix v3 server into a spacebuild 3 with new world however it keeps spamming “Instal spacebuild addon” in the chatbox and console. I’m thinking of skipping the optional SVN link for the Spacebuild 3 game mode and downloading the addon version.

Please! If there is anyone out there who can help let me know so you could help my friend and I get his spacebuild server game mode working.

Bump, I need this.

Did you remember to install SB3, CAF, and all the other addons such as Life Support?

You need LS3 (core and entity versions) (they go in addons), RD3 (addons), Space Build 3 (and put it in addons not gamemodes), and Custom Addon Framework (CAF) (again, addons)

I have LS3 Core and Entity, RD3, SB3 (yes, it’s in gamemodes) but I don’t have Custom Addon Framework. Where can I get it?

From the same thread you got the rest?

gives a list of addons for SB3, and says if they are optional, or necessary.

and remember SPACEBUILD 3 GOES IN ADDONS NOW (really important that it goes to addons.)

just a note about SB3; it is always on. because it is no longer a gamemode, it will always be on. With CAF, you can turn it off and on, but by default, a Space map will turn it on when you load the map

Oh, addons I see. Thanks guys for helping me. I’m pretty sure it’ll work if I put it in addons but if it doesn’t I’ll come back.

Edit: I tried putting it in addons and the problem still exists. It doesn’t take air or anything from me if I’m in space, it just looks as if I’m playing a normal sandbox game. However, it did stop saying I need the Spacebuild addon.

You need Life Support 3 and CAF, if you didn’t get it.

Did you read my above posts? If you did, I said I have LS3. Also, I got CAF.