Spacebuild 3 srcds

Hey guys!

I was trying to install spacebuild 3 for my srcds lately. I played GMod some years ago and back then stuff was not so messed up :smiley:
So what’s my problem: There are a lot of links and guides out there - all telling something different. The links for SVN I use are from this site:

So I created a new folder (SB3) in my >addons< folder and downloaded with this svn link: .
I’m not able to change the server gamemode to spacebuild or use the maps which come with it. I knoe back from my times that SB2 has to be installed into gamemodes but that didn’t work. (Also there is a addons.txt that comes with it, so i guess it’s now an addon only?!).

I found so many different help threads with tips that only helped older versions. Can someone please tell me how to use it with the current version for my server?

Thank you very much!